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PS3 Price Drop

Written by bokou. Posted in Consoles

Sony dropped the price of the PS3 today down to $250. Might be worth it if you’ve been wanting a console system for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger on one. I use mine for the occasional Gran Turismo race and for loads of Netflix and Blurays. Source:


New BF 3 Caspian Border Video

Written by bokou. Posted in Battlefield 3

EA uploaded a new BF3 gameplay video today and it’s another visual-stunner like the last ones. Yeah sure the first half-minute is nothing but logos and other fanfare, but it’s worth sitting through. For those of you who preordered the game already, you’ll be getting early access to the game before everyone else!! Almost makes me want to preorder… almost!


New Site Design… Again…

Written by bokou. Posted in General JOB News

Yeah I know… this is what, the third or fourth one this year? I promise this one’s going to stick though… it’s based on WordPress, really easy to configure and customize and really easy to update. Some of the past layouts have been based on cut/sliced images or static HTML and were just landing pages for the forums.

I plan on keeping it updated now with current Elder news, current game news, as well as updates about the JOB servers we run (we’ve been known to host everything from Minecraft to TF2 and Terraria servers).

If you’re not a member of the forums yet, go ahead and join and let us get to know you a bit if you’re going to be lurking around. We’re all fairly mature (well, most of us) and are for the most part pleasant guys and gals to game with.

Hope the new design is more pleasing than the past ones and keep checking the front page for more updates!

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