Monthly Archive: October 2011

WoW Bossfight Strategies

I recently came across a site called It’s a site that allows you to create visual boss fight strategies to share with your raid/guild to give them a better idea of where they should be standing or when they should be moving.

It’s not necessarily a must when you have tools like DeadlyBossMods and a competent raid leader in Vent/Skype telling you where to move to or what target to switch to. We’ve also got very short easy-to-read guides for all random heroic dungeons and raids so far in Cataclysm (no forum registration required). Check out our guides and grab yourself a copy of DBM. If you think that will help out your group – give it a shot and give them some visuals to help.


Guardian Cub: WoW Vanity Pet

WoW is offering a new vanity pet in their pet store: the Guardian Cub. The one thing that makes this little guy stand out from others available on it’s store though is it’s Bind-On-Use status.

Once used, the pet is bound to that character and can be deposited into a bank or any bag slot. Before it’s used, though the vanity pet can be traded between players or even listed on the auction house. This is the closest (aside from trading-card items that are sell-able via their redemption code) Blizzard has come to outright selling gold through their store. These things could go for as much as 20k-30k in the first few weeks but inevitably die down as the market is introduced to more and more of them. Gold is selling sometimes for $15 per 10,000g according to trade-chat spam so I would imagine that it won’t be any more than about the same price from a third party vendor for the gold itself (obviously this is safer and buying gold can lead to hacked accounts).

They add that this is just a test on their part to see if future Blizz-store pets will take this same path or go back to the old way of Account-Bound pets. Personally, in my opinion $10 for this pet from the store is a ripoff compared to the other pets. For the Lil’ KT pet you spend $10 in the Blizz-store and get the pet on all your characters. Same goes with the Pandaren Monk, Lil’ Ragnaros, etc.

For more pets, mounts, and other goodies – check out the Blizzard Store. For more info on the Guardian Cub – check out their press release.