RIP Star Wars Galaxies

Very few games can elicit both the best memories we’ve had sitting in front of a television or a computer screen and the worst memories. This is partially because most of the games we play are static… they’re very rarely changing in a really big way. In 2005 Star Wars experienced one of the most drastic changes ever in MMO history and lost a good portion if not the majority of it’s user base within one single patch. It’s hard to imagine that this was 8 years ago, but today Sony Online Entertainment has officially pulled the plug it’s Star Wars based MMO. Tomorrow marks the launch of the latest and greatest Star Wars MMO: Star Wars the Old Republic. Is it a better game today than SWG is? Sure. Will it replace the nostalgia? Probably not.

I think one of the worst things I could’ve done since leaving SWG was resubbing for a month to go back and “check out the place”. The city was completely vacant minus a house or two. The guild hall was gone, the cantina was gone, the shuttle port was gone and all the vendor tents were gone. “Ranger Outpost” was vacant save a few Shaupaut and Spineflaps roaming the hillside.

SOE made sure that the remaining players went out with the biggest end of the world party the game had seen. The developers even participated in these events, deploying a host of X-Wing fighters and shooting off fireworks similar to the show seen in The Return of the Jedi. Like EverQuest, Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call and Dark Age of Camelot, it has left its mark in PC gaming history, and for many of us, will be truly missed.

On behalf of the Star Wars Galaxies team, thank you,” SOE stated. “We have truly enjoyed getting to know you – our dedicated players – over the years. From in-game events to Fan Faires, we appreciate your continued loyalty and support. It would not have been possible without you.

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