Cube World

Cube World is a pretty sweet looking voxel-based exploration RPG currently in development by a guy named Wollay. If you have been following Notch news, you’ll recognize the name as the guy Mojang tried to hire to get some of his ideas and pick his brain to add yet another stellar programmer and artist to their arsenal. Wollay decided against joining Mojang and cited his independence as his reasons. Understandable.

The game has been coming along nicely, in addition to some features found in Minecraft like villages, a day and night cycle,  rivers, waterfalls, trees, there are loads of very uniqueenemies and quests to go on.

If you like Minecraft or if you like Terraria and the style of gameplay a sandbox can lead to, be sure to check out the video below. For more information on the game, check Wollay’s blog for updates, info on the release date, and more.