Nvidia 600 Series

Word on the street is that Nvidia could be launching it’s AMD 7000 series competitor on March 23. A few people in the forums have been discussing upgrading their hardware recently so I figured this would be good news for them. The 600 series by Nvidia will follow AMD in the 28nm GPU class. What’s not known is whether or not Nvidia will release a mid-range card or come out guns blazing with a flagship video card. If they do come out with a flagship card, you can bet it will trump or at the very least give the new AMD 7970 a run for it’s money.

Even if you don’t buy the new 600 series card, a ceiling raise for the product lineup will undoubtedly mean decreasing prices on some of the lower end and middle-tier hardware like the 460, 560 Ti, and hopefully 570 & 580. Keep an eye out for these new cards soon!