BF3 Expansions

DICE has released some information on three upcoming expansion packs for the popular title Battlefield 3. Each expansion instead of simply tacking on new things will be themed entirely different from one another. The first expansion set to be released in June is based on close quarters combat, the second due out in the fall is vehicular-based and includes some pretty large maps apparently, and the content of the third is hush hush for now.

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

Close Quarters places players in a CQB-heavy infantry-only theater of war, as players walk through the indoors of buildings. Close Quarters is set for release in June.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill

Armored Kill will be a vehicle-heavy DLC featuring new vehicles including new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, and more. It will also include what DICE is calling the “biggest map in Battlefield history.” It will be out in the Fall.

Battlefield 3 End Game

Nothing is known about End Game, except that this fourth DLC will release in the winter.