2012 Dota2 International Championships

This past weekend was the Dota2 International Championships. Dozens of teams from around the world competed in Seattle, WA for a chance at a million dollars. LGD, Evil Geniuses and others were expected to play very well over the course of the weekend.


After several impressive matches and a 4 to 1 victory in the Grand Final, Invictus Gaming took the first place prize of $1,000,000 and NaVi, who was the crowd favorite, took second place an a hefty $250,000 home with them. You can watch the Grand Final matches here and you can watch other matches from the Winners Bracket and the Losers Bracket also. If you’re sitting there wondering what Dota2 is or shrugging it off because you don’t really know how the game is played and haven’t paid it any attention as a result, check out this Dota2 for Dummies guide on Reddit. If you plan on watching any Dota2 and want to get involved, go ahead and grab the Spectator Client on steam and start watching some matches.