Ouya at Best Buy

The Ouya that everyone’s been pretty excited about will actually be getting the brick-and-mortar treatment and will be available through Best Buy in June for only $99. An extra gamepad will run you another $49 from the store and $30+$10 shipping if you get it directly from the Ouya website. While it won’t be killing any of the major consoles already available at places like Best Buy, it makes a pretty nifty $100 toy that you can run emulators, watch youtube, play Android-based games, browse the internet on, etc. A few big name indie devs (Notch of Minecraft fame for starters) have already pledged to give the Ouya some love. If you’re tech-savy and already have a HTPC hooked up to your big screen, it’s probably not going to be on your shopping list. If you’re considering something like the Apple TV and don’t see yourself renting a bunch of movies from the Apple store and want to use it primarily for Netflix and Youtube, then this might be right up your alley.

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