Starbound Updates

For those of you who have been following the development and progress of Starbound closely, this may not be completely new news for you, but for those who may have forgotten about the game or have been distracted by some of the other awesome games that have come out recently, there have been a few updates – unfortunately still no release date though.

Starbound Character Creator

The Starbound character creator has had some updates and now offers a wide variety of color and style combinations so you can go ahead and pick yourself a look you like and also see what some of the styles other races have to offer. (must be registered on forums to use)

Starbound Navigation

They’ve given out some previews of what navigating through the universe of Starbound will be like. You can preview planets to see if there are any valuable resources there, if the surface can be walked on or not, and how far away it is (make sure you have enough fuel to get there!) It looks like a pretty cool system and you can read more about it here.

Starbound Newsletter

And last but not least is the Starbound Newsletter. This will primarily be a way for you to stay informed on the happenings in Starbound’s development and most importantly – the release date! You’ll be the first of your friends to know when they give a date that they will be releasing Starbound. Check it out and sign up!