Warlords of Draenor

New expansion for WoW announced at Blizzcon today. Here’s the reveal trailer to get your feet wet:

Here’s a little bit about what we know so far.


  • Garrosh will be put on trial and escape before a verdict. He is going back in time, altering the current timeline slightly.
  • Garrosh’s goal is to stop the Orcs from drinking the blood of Mannoroth and building the Iron Horde using technology from the present.
  • The end of this expansion is going to spill over into the next one. Many more expansions are lined up now.


  • Homeworld of the Orcs, heart of the Draenei, lots of giants, seven new zones.
  • The Iron Horde is here to take an army into Azeroth and your job is to stop them.
  • Netherstorm will be used in a future patch, not at launch.

New Player Models


  • Build your own base on Draenor, WoW version of Housing (and return of MoP farm likely)
  • Your friends can come and see it, trade resources.
  • Collect followers and send them on missions, raids, quests, etc.
  • Collect trophies from achievements, mount rare spawn heads on walls, etc.
  • Buildings provide unique buffs/bonuses
  • Upgradeable similar to the MoP farm

Boost to 90

  • New levelcap of 100
  • Warlords of Draenor will boost one of your characters to Level 90 for free.
  • The boost will clean up your bags, quest log, and action bar to reduce the mess.

Dungeons Raids and PvP

  • Seven new dungeons at launch – 4 for levelling, 3 for level cap
  • Two new raids for level cap
  • Mythic new difficulty harder than Heroic
  • Ashran new PVP zone, persistant with no start/end like Wintergrasp – more like original AV

For a more detailed breakdown and more info, head over to MMO-Champion.