Steam Holiday Sale

It has begun. The Steam Holiday sale for 2013 has started and will run until January 3rd. Grab a bunch of games ranging from FTL for $4.99 right now to Bioshock Infinite for under $10!

On the same note, Assetto Corsa looks to be the next big name in racing-sim games and is on sale right now for %25 off making it a reasonable $29.99. The game’s physics are amazing and it’s very open to modding and skinning the cars, tracks, etc. It’s in early access so a lot of features are going to be greyed out and will slowly become available with patches and updates. Tomorrow will see the addition of Drag Race mode, new Special Events Mode with medals and achievements implemented, the Ferrari F40, 599XX EVO, and more. For a quick look at the game, check out the video below!