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PETA Angry at BF3


PETA issued a press release in Germany criticizing Battlefield 3 over “animal cruelty”. Specifically, PETA points out a singleplayer mission (mission 3) in Battlefield 3 where the player has to stab a rat, and toss it away.

That’s right… in a game involving killing hundreds upon hundreds of humans, PETA is upset that the game involves killing a single animal and states “the killing of even a virtual animal could inspire young people to do such acts in real life.”

They’re apparently ok if someone decides to come away from the game with the idea that killing another human being is ok but heaven forbid they come away thinking it’s ok to hurt a sewer rat.


New BF 3 Caspian Border Video

EA uploaded a new BF3 gameplay video today and it’s another visual-stunner like the last ones. Yeah sure the first half-minute is nothing but logos and other fanfare, but it’s worth sitting through. For those of you who preordered the game already, you’ll be getting early access to the game before everyone else!! Almost makes me want to preorder… almost!