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Terraria’s Lead Developer Leaves

Terraria Lead Developer Leaves

Yesterday, Redigit dropped a bomb on the Reddit community. He and the rest of the Terraria team have decided to move on. The funny thing is that games like Terraria and Minecraft have changed how we view and consume games. They’re always being updated and worked on with bug fixes and new features. Just a few years ago you’d buy a game and that was that… you get what you paid for. Now there’s a team that monitors what classes in multiplayer games are overpowered, what exploits need patching, introducing new maps and expansions.

With the team’s leaving you can see the utter sense of entitlement from the community. They signed on to develop and bring you a game with a few fun updates – not a lifelong investment of new content and expansions for it.

Terraria Forums

Terraria Forums

Such a feeling of entitlement… I’ve already got around 100 hours in the game and it’s been well worth the $4.99 I paid for it. The one complaint I see the most is that there’s no modding API to speak of officially, but I don’t think that’s going to keep people from enjoying the game in the future.

We’re still going to run a Terraria server here on JOB until there’s been a few months where we haven’t seen anyone log on at which point we’ll decide if it’s something we want to continue to host. So long, Redigit and thanks for the amazing game and post-release content!

The future of Terraria has been highly debated as of late, not just with the community, but for us as well. The last year has been a crazy ride! When I started on this game, I just had a few ideas of what I thought would make a fun game. I had no idea that it would receive so much attention. I want to thank all of you for supporting us and making this game’s success possible.

After a lot of internal debate, we have decided that it is time to move on. My wife and I are due to have another boy soon, and I want to spend some time getting to know him. I also want to spend the time recharging and bettering myself as both a programmer and game designer. I have learned a lot from working on Terraria and plan on using what I’ve learned, building upon it, and moving forward with another, even better project. However, we are still planning at least one more bug fix for Terraria.

For those that haven’t already heard, Finn “Tiy” Brice has moved on to form Chucklefish and is heavily at work on an exciting new game called “Starbound”. It’s looking to be a lot of fun, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Thanks again for all your support, and I am very much looking forward to providing you with something much better than Terraria in the future! – Redigit


Diablo III Not Coming This Quarter

Diablo III Not This Quarter

In a statement issued by Blizzard, Diablo III will not be released this quarter but will likely be the second or third quarter. “The company’s first quarter 2012 outlook does not incorporate a new release from Blizzard Entertainment, but its calendar year 2012 outlook anticipates two releases from Blizzard Entertainment”. Source



New Minecraft Map Format

Minecraft Anvil

Jens has hinted at a project over at Mojang calling it “Anvil” and it’s a new format for minecraft maps.

Some of the major changes are:

  • Maximum build height has been increased to 256 (was 128)
  • Empty sections of the world are not loaded into memory
  • Block ids have been increased to 4096 (was 256) by adding a 4 bit data layer (similar to how meta data is stored)
  • Block ordering have been changed from x/z/y to y/z/x in order to improve compression
  • Packets for sending chunks have been updated (a full 128-high chunk is smaller than the old format, and a chunk with lots of empty space is much smaller)
  • Biomes are saved per x/z column, which means they can be altered by tools

The next snapshot, and Minecraft 1.2, will automatically convert worlds to the new format. The files of the current format (“McRegion”) will remain in your save folder, if you need to restore them for some reason. Check out the full Mojang blog post here.