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3 New Battlefield 3 Expansions

BF3 Expansions

DICE has released some information on three upcoming expansion packs for the popular title Battlefield 3. Each expansion instead of simply tacking on new things will be themed entirely different from one another. The first expansion set to be released in June is based on close quarters combat, the second due out in the fall is vehicular-based and includes some pretty large maps apparently, and the content of the third is hush hush for now.

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

Close Quarters places players in a CQB-heavy infantry-only theater of war, as players walk through the indoors of buildings. Close Quarters is set for release in June.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill

Armored Kill will be a vehicle-heavy DLC featuring new vehicles including new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, and more. It will also include what DICE is calling the “biggest map in Battlefield history.” It will be out in the Fall.

Battlefield 3 End Game

Nothing is known about End Game, except that this fourth DLC will release in the winter.


Improved WoW Scroll of Resurrection

Scroll of Resurrection

So WoW is giving a buff to their “Scroll of Resurrection” which has until now offered players a way to bring their friends back into the game. It offered free play time for returning players and that was about it. It’s getting a few new incentives for people to lure their friends back to the crack-like game with a new spectral mount (Gryphon/Wyvern). Players who are on the receiving end and returning back to wow get:

  • A single character boosted all the way to level 80.
  • A free upgrade to Cataclysm, regardless of the expansions you already own.
  • An optional free character move/faction change.
  • 7 free days of game time.

Yeah that’s right – you can own the base vanilla game and automatically get Cataclysm and a level 80 as well as a free character move/race change. Sounds like they’re really yearning to have some of their players come back. Offering expansions to these players isn’t really costing them money either – as they probably wouldn’t have paid for the expansions in the first place seeing as they’ve quit the game already.

In order to be eligible, a player must have previously subscribed to World of Warcraft for at least 30 days, and your account must have become inactive on or before March 4th, 2012.

A forum member posed the question: You revamped the whole 1-60 levelling process and made it faster and easier to level and now you’re offering a quick way to skip all of that?? I wish I was given a free 80 for having 6 or 7 level 85’s already but nooooo. Sounds tempting – will you be giving it a shot?



Minecraft 1.2 is out!

Minecraft 1.2.2

Jeb has tweeted that Minecraft 2.2 has been released. Among the changes are new redstone lamps (light blocks activated by redstone current), new world generation, Jungle biomes and more.

As usual, Hat Films has made a funny and informative short video highlighting some of the changes.

Read on for a full list of changes!