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Steam Greenlight: Crowdsourcing the Next Big Game

Steam Greenlight

Steam is going to be rolling out something called Greenlight. Basically it’s a new system that enlists the help of gamers that use Steam to decide which games will be put up next on the Steam store for purchase. Developers will be able to post information, screenshots, and videos for their game and Steam users will vote which will be selected. (formerly Good Old Games) has a system in place called the Wishlist where you can vote on things you’d love to see on GOG. Currently Valve employees have to drudge through countless submissions to discern which games are worth allowing onto Steam and which aren’t. Some critically acclaimed games have even had trouble making it to Steam.

Greenlight is slated to launch at the end of August so get your mouse pointers ready and practice clicking some vote buttons!

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Steam Holiday Coupons Expire Soon!

Steam Coupons

The Steam coupons you received during the holiday sale are going to be expiring on March 1st which is only a few days away. Be sure to use them before they expire or trade them to someone who can use them (if it’s tradeable).


Steam for iOS and Android?

Steam for IOS and Android

Kotaku is running an article about the upcoming Steam app for Apple devices running iOS and Android smartphones. There are a number of “Steam” apps already on the app store trying to fill the obvious demand for a mobile way to keep in touch with your gaming friends and to purchase games while away from a PC. Most of the non-official Steam apps are basically dressed up versions of the website where you can view member profiles, buy games, etc – all of which you can do through the website anyway. The new official Steam app promises to have the ability to chat with Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content for their favorite games, read the latest gaming news, stay up to date on the numerous Steam sales.

It basically sounds like what we can already get from a third party app with what we’ve been asking for – a few more features like chat, etc.

You can grab the app from the appstore although the service itself is in closed beta.