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GregZeschuk on the official Star Wars the Old Republic forums posted yesterday afternoon letting everyone know that the disclosure agreement that everyone signs when they’re invited to test the game (NDA basically means you’re not allowed to disclose anything about testing the game other than telling people “I’m testing, yes”) has been dropped and we’re now freely allowed to talk about it. That means we’ll have some good updates about SWTOR starting to show up on this frontpage. I’ve personally been beta testing for over a year and have had several others in our group testing for the past few months with me. A couple of us even had weekend invites to beta test, so we’ve got a lot of opinions about the game.

We’ll be starting up a SWTOR section in the forums for discussion about the game.


SWTOR: Release Date

This is the date you’ve been looking for. We all received emails over the weekend letting us know the official release date for the highly anticipated Star Wars the Old Republic. It’ll be launched on December 20th of this year. I’m sure there will be several WoW-defectors here at JOB so let us know if you plan on playing it as well and want to know which server and where we’re playing at!

Subscription prices have also been set, coming in at $14.99 a month down to $12.99 each month for 6 months.

If you haven’t preordered the game, head over to’s preorder page and grab a copy!


SWTOR Faction Balances

Morgan, a fellow guildie pointed us to a forum post over on the official SWTOR forums by an Aneu giving us some insight into the faction balancing so far in the new upcoming Star Wars based MMO. He was using the guild registration program to get his numbers and what you’ll find is quite staggering. The Empire faction outweighs the Republic faction 2-to-1 on PVP servers. Make of it what you will… but there’s going to need to be more of a balance between the two factions for it to be enjoyable for both sides.

We’ve already established that we’ll be rolling with the least-represented faction, and until now we assumed that’d be the Empire based solely on our experience with the Horde faction in WoW being the least represented (most of the time). Looks like we’ll be rolling Republic if this trend continues into launch!


Type Empire Republic Total Ratio
PVE 30911 28830 59741 1.07
PVP 48368 22835 71203 2.12
RP 7693 11207 18900 0.69
Total 86972 62872 149844 1.38
Type PVP-Emp PVP-Rep PVE-Emp PVE-Rep RP-Emp RP-Rep
Casual 2012 1625 3212 4449 724 1356
Moderate 18380 9545 13890 11230 3518 4612
Hardcore 14301 5069 4088 2670 969 864
Undefined 13675 6596 9721 10481 2482 4375
Total 48368 22835 30911 28830 7693 11207