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Terraria 1.1

Terraria 1.1

Terraria 1.1 is live right on schedule. There’s a whole freakin book of changes in this patch as was expected from our last post with the preview trailer. I hate to flood the whole frontpage with a really long list of patch notes.. so I’m giving you the cliff-notes version. Check out the full version here.

Also, the game is $2.50 today. Why in the world would you NOT buy it?!


• There are thirty-six new monsters!
• The underworld has a new master, the Wall of Flesh. Defeating him will unlock new challenges for your world.
• There are three harder versions of the older bosses.
• There are now three new friendly NPC’s that can be rescued after specific conditions are met.


• Added thirty-nine statues that are scattered around the world. Some of them do special things when activated with mechanics!
• Star Cannon : Shoots faster.
• Sandgun : Sand shot from it does more damage, and it shoots faster.
• Blowpipe : Now listed as ranged.
• Goblins no longer drop rocket boots during an invasion. Instead they are sold by a new NPC that can be rescued underground after the player has defeated the Goblin Army.
• Boomerang type weapons are listed as melee.
• Added four new armor sets. Each set has different helms that give bonuses to melee, ranged, or magic, respectively.
• There are twenty-one new accessories.
• Weapons and accessories can now have random conditions that modify their stats. These conditions can be changed for a price by visiting a new NPC.
• Added loads of other new items and weapons waiting to be found!

Lighting / Display

• Terraria now has smooth, colored lighting! You can toggle between the four lighting modes: Color, White, • Retro, and Trippy in the Options Menu or by pressing F9.
• Added automatic graphic quality adjustment based on the game’s frame rate. This setting can be toggled • in the Options Menu.


• Added a limit to how often the server can broadcast NPC update packets. This prevents NPC’s from trying to update every cycle which would cause massive amounts of lag.
• Reduced the amount of data needed to transmit tiles down to 25%.
• The server now only broadcasts tile data to the players who need it.


• Smashing Demon Altars with a special item will cause new ore to appear around the world.
• Defeating the hell boss will now increase the difficulty of the world. Harder monsters will spawn, and the Corruption’s rate of spread will be greatly increased.
• Defeating the hell boss will allow the Corruption to spread underground, over sand, stone, and Sunflowers, and through Jungles, destroying them if you let it!
• There is a new biome, The Hallow, that will be created when the hell boss is defeated.
• Underground cabins may randomly spawn around chests.
• When nearing the top of the world, the player will now leave the atmosphere and be less affected by gravity.

Game Interface

• The crafting menu now scales to fit the size of the screen.
• There is a new NPC housing interface that can be used to assign living areas to NPC’s. This interface will also tell you if a room is missing any requirements.


• Decreased tile frame detection time by 15%.
• Added an auto select hotkey that will pick a tool from the player’s inventory based on what their mouse is hovering over. This defaults to Left Shift.
• All players will now leave behind tombstones when killed.
• There is now a random option in the player creation menu.
• Female players now have separate armor graphics.
• Added a new mechanical system! Holding a mechanical item will display the wire grid to create interesting new devices.


Terraria 1.1 Trailer

The Terraria team released a trailer of 1.1 on Friday and there’s freakin gobs and gobs of stuff to list/add… literally more than I can name so you’re on your own to find out what’s in the video. You can tell a few things though right off the bat like the new lighting engine that allows for colored light, all the new sprites (over 80 back in August) and a whole slew of other stuff.