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Terraria Zelda Texture Pack

We showcase Minecraft texture packs from time to time and have yet to do a Terraria texture pack. Mainly because it’s not as “core” of a feature in Terraria as it is in Minecraft but there are several texture packs in the Terraria Forums Texture section.

This is a texture pack by Levaunt and gives the game a “Zelda” feel.

Terraria Zelda

The texture pack changes every graphic into something reminisce of The Legend of Zelda and is twice the resolution of the default texture pack resulting in a smoother more detailed game. Installing the texture pack is as simple as dropping some files in your Terraria folder and running the new Terraria Texture pack exe to launch the game.

Personally, Zelda aside, I love the new doubled resolution and smoother textures in the game. I have a relatively fast computer so I can’t vouch for it’s impact on a middle-grade or slower computer. Grab it from the Zelda thread on the official Terraria forums and follow the instructions for installation.


More Terraria Teasers

Tiy over at the forums teased us yet again yesterday.

(Click to Enlarge)

Analyzing this first image we see the pink hammer obviously… whether or not it’s a player-thrown weapon or a boss thrown weapon is unclear, but it’s there… and he’s in a dungeon. He also seems to be wearing an iron type armor that looks a lot like an apron and some iron armbands. Not sure if this is just a new armor model or a new armor item.

(Click to Enlarge)

Analyzing the second image we definitely see a banner hanging outside of the house, a streetlamp, and new glass blocks for houses. I’m not sure if the green tinted blocks under his feet are just silver blocks or are a new type of block, but they make for a great pathway.

(Click to Enlarge)

In this last image we clearly see several new weapons/items in his toolbar at the top… in slot 8 is a very interesting item, a metal bell looking item. Not sure if this is a trinket or an item to summon something. There’s also a new sword mixed in there. The red eyes look to be those of a bat and looking at another image Tiy posted, it definitely seems that there will be lots of them.

This next Terraria update looks like it’s going to be a really fun one with loads of new items, zones, and creatures added… very exciting!


New Terraria Teaser

TiY posted a new teaser image introducing another member of the team that’s been helping with artwork. The image itself is called werewolf.png which leads us to guess that the creature on the left is a werewolf and could possibly be a new mob, a costume, or something to do with the moon/night phase.

There’s also a new biome behind them in the screenshot. It could possibly be the new “hallowed” biome considering the post topic is “Hawoooooo”. The blue orb in the middle could be a fairy is my best guess with what looks like a little wing coming off of the back.

Lots of fun new stuff! Check out the thread on the official forums for some more guesses as to what is in the picture!