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WoW 4.3 PTR Patch Notes

4.3 went live on the Public Test Realms yesterday. There will obviously be some changes based on the PTR feedback between now and when it hits the live servers… but it’s a look into what direction this content patch is going and what we can expect. I’m collapsing this post so that it doesn’t take up a ton of room on the front page so click “Keep Reading” to see the patch notes.



Brewfest is here!

Brewfest is here and will remain active until October 5th. This usually means really late at night on October 4th, so you’ve still got some time to grab your steins and grab some achievements!

Each year around the end of September and into October comes Brewfest. It’s a WoW holiday that’s modeled after a real life beer festival in Munich, Germany that lasts anywhere from 16 to 18 days. For WoW players that means lots of activity outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge. It also means several achievements, an obtainable title, and a holiday boss that’s been updated to drop several ilevel 365 versions of trinkets we’ve known to love over the past few Brewfests. The best part is that the boss is repeatable as many times as you’d like and you can requeue over and over for the fight. You have no excuse to have at least 1 trinket from him after the holiday is over. Each day you beat Coren Direbrew you receive a Keg Shaped Treasure Chest. This item contains just a few justice points, or something fun like the Direbrew Remote or a holiday mount.

MMO Champion has their usual holiday guide to Brewfest that’s been updated for Cataclysm. Check it out!


Deathwing Interview With Ghostcrawler

Ghostcrawler sat down for an interview about the new upcoming 4.3 content and the Deathwing encounter. He confirmed a hunch of mine that the Random Dungeon Finder would not share a lockout with normal and heroic raids, and gave us some info about the new raids themselves, the new Rogue legendary daggers, 5-man heroics, and more. Read on!

Here’s a good summary of the interview:

Deathwing Raid

  • The new raid is called The Dragon Soul. It contains eight bosses, and boss 7 and 8 are both Deathwing.
  • There will be a mount reward for killing Deathwing.
  • Deathwing will only drop weapons.
  • Heroic Deathwing will eventually be made easier after the top guilds kill it so that more people can experience it.
  • Tier 13 will not be available at all from valor points.
  • The new legendaries are two daggers (main hand and offhand) that are only usable by all three Rogue specs. Combat Rogues will be made to use these daggers as well without a DPS loss. The questline will revolve around the pure black dragon (from the egg in the Badlands) and features several Rogue-centric elements.
  • Melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes.

New Five Man Heroics

  • You will enter the new 5-mans and raid in Caverns of Time.
  • The first new 5-man is called “Endtime” where Nozdormu will show players the future if Deathwing wins.
  • The second new 5-man, “Well of Eternity” is a journey into the past, the War of the Ancients specifically, to help Thrall recover the Dragon Soul to use against Deathwing.
  • The third new 5-man, called “Hour of Twilight”, has players escorting Thrall in present day to Wyrmrest Temple, where the final battle against Deathwing will take place.

Looking for Raid

  • Looking for Raid probably won’t share a lockout with Normal and Heroic raids.
  • Looking for Raid gear will be stronger than the new five man heroics, but weaker than normal raids.


  • There will be raid melee buff across the board. The attack power buff will apply more to melee attack power than ranged attack power.
  • Tank rotation changes that are related to survivability won’t be in this expansion.
  • Epic gems will drop in the new raid in Normal and Heroic only. Each player gets a geode when a boss is killed which has a small chance to contain an epic gem, most will have rare gems. It is rare enough to take all of 4.3 to replace all of your red rare quality gems with red epic gems.
  • Firelands was nerfed so that players could see the content and continue progression instead of hitting a wall in heroic modes.
  • “Quite a few” new profession recipes will be added.
  • Northrend will require 2/3rd of the experience it does now, making leveling alts faster.
  • Corrupted Ashbringer won’t be available for transmogrification from any vendor.
  • Old PvP armor will come back for transmogrification.