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Free Copy of Guild Wars 2

Free Guild Wars 2

MrCarrier, a friend of ours and active forum user is going to be giving away a free copy of Guild Wars 2 on his livestream playing tonight at 10pm eastern time. He’s likely to have a few people following his channel tonight but it will be much better odds than large websites or youtube channels that will be doing the same thing. Check out his stream at (or watch it from the Streams link on the right). Make sure to follow him on Twitch to get a chance at a free copy of Guild Wars 2!


PSA For Spammers

Failed Logins

Just a public service announcement for spammers – you’re literally wasting your own time by attempting to spam on my site. There have been dozens of IP bans because you’re attempting to log in as an admin on the site (which isn’t even a username, FYI so good luck in guessing the password) and there are more and more every day. There are also 20+ spam comments that are attempted every day and not a single one of them are ever published or approved. All of this is automated and I don’t have to put in any effort at all to stop your login attempts or spam comments.

I’ll be publicly posting the IPs that get banned soon. Do yourself a favor and find another site.


JOB Triple Screen Wallpapers

Triple Screen Wallpapers

I just finished decking my desk out with a third monitor and wanted a good resource for tri-screen eyefinity wallpapers. After not having much luck I decided I’d make my own. I found a few wallpapers that I really liked and made them into tri-screen wallpapers and made some of my own from scratch. I didn’t put any water marks on them because I hate watermarked wallpapers (even though sometimes it helps me figure out where I got it so I can look for some more). If you enjoy any of these please leave some feedback and let me know. If they’re somewhat popular I’ll probably make a few more. There’s 15 to start off with – enjoy!

TriScreen Wallpaper 1

TriScreen Wallpaper 2