JOB Minecraft Server Backups

Ever since we’ve been playing Minecraft we’ve had a habit of playing a map for a few months and then starting a new one either from scratch or for instance our City map where we started with an already-made map and added to it. I’ve never deleted the maps, however, and have been keeping them backed up. I’ve put the ones we played for more than a day or two together and am putting them up here for people who played them to get all nostalgic & for people who didn’t play them with us to try them out. I’ll be updating this list with new maps every time we decide to start over and make a new one. The files are zipped and contain several preview images as well as an overhead map. You’ll need to unzip the file you download and then unzip the actual map itself and place it in your …/.minecraft/saves directory.

JOB Adventure Island

Adventure Island started when Nunes wanted to make a new map from scratch and we all agreed. He set to work on his “Nunes Island” while Naldak burried himself underground in his not-so-elaborate mining base. I made my home on a hill between the two and Melenthia eventually settled down in a pink-roofed hut in the valley below. This map has some cool builds like a suspension bridge, mob grinder, observatory, farm, karate dojo and more.

Download Link – JOB Adventure Island

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


JOB City

We started playing on the Minecraft map Jamesopolis and enjoyed it enough to start adding our own touch to the city. Naldak set to work on his massive castle that houses an entire village while I laid tracks through the city and stocked up some of the buildings (all of which are completely empty when you play Jamesopolis). We eventually had a pretty sweet little city going and then it was time to move on.

Download Link – JOB City

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


JOB’s First Map

This was the first map that more than one or two of us played for an extended period of time. This was before the days of /give and bukkit plugins and it shows in our buildings and construction. While it may not be that impressive to anyone else, I just nostalga’d all over my keyboard and have to go afk to clean it all up… Ok I’m back. There are a few fun places in this map.. a small city way behind the starting area, Naldak’s massive tower, a tree farm, a mob grinder, and some other cool stuff. Keep in mind – you’ll be doing a lot of walking around this map if you don’t have something like a fly-mod… all of the rail systems are still built using cart boosters, which no longer work.

Download Link – First Map

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


JOB Overhangs

This map was Naldak’s choice of seed. The new player spawn and actual construction on the map is about 4km away from the original spawn point. We edited it in MCedit to get us to this location and to set it as our spawn. We built into the side of a mountain and there are miles of underground tunnels below it. We built some looping cart systems around the mountain to give it a “busy” feel and even have large water and lava aqueducts in the lake. There’s a pyramid, some high perches, a nether portal and lots more.

Download Link – Overhangs

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


JOB Redstone Test Map

We were playing with a bukkit server and had a multi-world plugin installed that allowed us to teleport back and forth to a few different maps. This was the central hub and is a flat map waaaaaay up in the air (the main house touches the build limit). We used it to play with the pistons when they first came out and to learn a little more about redstone programming. We’ve got every logic gate in the game built to one side and have conveyor belts, escalators, and hidden doors. If you’re interested in learning some redstone, pick up this map and take a look to see what we did and use some of our ideas.

Download Link – Redstone Test

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


JOB Underground Base

Trying to do something different, we decided to start a map that didn’t allow any above-ground building. We held fast to this rule for several weeks while developing an underground town, tree farms, we managed to move grass down underground and had miles of tunnels near bedrock. We eventually moved to the surface but we didn’t build much and it wasn’t long before we’d started a new map to pursue new endeavors. It was a really fun challenge and something we might visit again in the future.

Download Link – Underground Base

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3


Last Beta World

Last Beta Map

This was the last map we had before Minecraft was officially released out of Beta. There’s a central spawn area and we had about 5-6 people playing on it for a while and it’s got some really cool stuff on it. Aside from buildings like a giant cactus, hot air balloon, farm with a barn, pirate ship, and damn there’s plenty of cool redstone contraptions like a ticker display, a functioning noteblock piano, and rollercoaster. This is one of the most elaborate maps we’ve done so far.

Download Link – Last Beta World

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3, Wallpaper (1920×1080)


Direwolf20 1.0.8 for MC1.6.4


This map lasted several weeks and we had an AE system full of good mats, several Mystcraft ages for mining, a factory, two main bases connected by several underground tunnels and tanks full of every liquid from Milk to Oil and Refined Fuel. We ended up quitting this world because we’d basically “beaten” it. With mods like Morph there’s no point for jetpacks and with our quarries and turtles in the Mystcraft ages there was no point in mining any more. The download link is about 200mb which is much larger than the other map archives which are usually 30-75mb.

Download Link coming soon

Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3