GTA V For PC This Fall

The news we knew would be announced, it was just a matter of when: GTA V is coming out this fall for PC. It’s also coming out at the same time for XBox One and Playstation 4. It’s going to have some added features for the newer console platforms and for the PC such as denser traffic, better lighting and more flora. The wait has sucked, sure – but without the limitations of last-gen consoles impeding the gameplay and graphics, we should be in for a treat.


EA Shows off Sims 4

EA has been showing off some Sims 4 features the past couple days with videos on Youtube. First up a few days ago was the character creator being showcased followed up by a video yesterday of the new features in build-mode. All in all it looks like a pretty good improvement from the features found in Sims 3. Those of you who are a fan of the people-simulator – will you be picking this up when it comes out?

Character Creator


Youtube to buy Twitch

Youtube Buys Twitch

Google’s giant video website Youtube is set to buy Twitch in a reported $1 billion cash deal. Neither party has commented on the matter but who has a very reputable reputation when it comes to deals like this broke the story on it yesterday. Variety states that YouTube is preparing for U.S. regulators to challenge the Twitch deal, according to sources. YouTube is far and away the No. 1 platform for Internet video, serving more than 6 billion hours of video per month to 1 billion users worldwide, and the company expects the Justice Department to take a hard look at whether buying Twitch raises anticompetitive issues in the online-video market.

Lots of gamers and streamers on Twitch are concerned about this given Youtube’s recent rash of controversy surrounding it’s takedowns and false flags for copyright infringement as recently as December last year.

Time will tell whether or not we’ll be seeing good things coming from Twitch’s new parent company providing some funding or if we’ll be staring at “This stream is not available in your country” screens.