New Site Design… Again…

Yeah I know… this is what, the third or fourth one this year? I promise this one’s going to stick though… it’s based on WordPress, really easy to configure and customize and really easy to update. Some of the past layouts have been based on cut/sliced images or static HTML and were just landing pages for the forums.

I plan on keeping it updated now with current Elder news, current game news, as well as updates about the JOB servers we run (we’ve been known to host everything from Minecraft to TF2 and Terraria servers).

If you’re not a member of the forums yet, go ahead and join and let us get to know you a bit if you’re going to be lurking around. We’re all fairly mature (well, most of us) and are for the most part pleasant guys and gals to game with.

Hope the new design is more pleasing than the past ones and keep checking the front page for more updates!


JOB Minecraft Server Updates

While we”re waiting on 1.8 to come out we”ve started playing with a new map in the meantime (trying not to get too attached to any one since we”ll be starting from scratch to be able to enjoy the new 1.8 map features).

We are currently offering a dynamic real-time map and a constant online-players list.

Check them out!

Dynamic Realtime Map

Online-Users List