Disney Closes Lucasarts


Around October of last year Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion dollars. Part of those assets was the video game developer and publisher LucasArts. Founded in 1982, the company is responsible for a myriad of Star Wars games as well as some of the more recent Lego games themed around Star Wars and Indiana Jones. While the group will be missed, they have been struggling to stay afloat in recent times and have been really hit or miss with the success of their games.

On a more positive note, Disney will be moving to a licensing model for the Star Wars games which means we might actually see some big name studios take the IP and do something awesome. My hope is that Telltale games (who includes some previous LucasArts employees) will do some episodic Star Wars games like they have with the Sam & Max series and the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future games.


Rockstar Releases GTAV Cover Art

GTA Cover

Rockstar has released the cover art for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V and it looks exactly like everyone expected it to look. At least they’re sticking true to their style and not making any changes. They’re not dumb and know that the cover art for the Grand Theft Auto series is instantly recognizable to most people who own a console or play video games.

They’re still being tight-lipped about a PC version release which is the norm. GTA IV was released in April of 2008 and the PC version didn’t hit digital shelves until December of that year. As long as it’s not like Red Dead Redemption and skips PC altogether, I’ll be happy.


Starbound Soon


There’s likely a game approaching completion that I’ve been waiting on for a while now. Starbound’s lead dev Tiyuri tweeted asking about reasonable preorder prices. He also tweeted about a week ago asking about distribution methods (aside from Steam as it’s already confirmed the game will be on Steam).