Eve Online Passes 500k Subscribers

Eve 500k

It certainly doesn’t seem like it, but Eve Online has been around for 10 years and in that 10 years has seen some pretty impressive numbers. It has boasted some of the largest pvp battles in MMO history and has a reputation for ruthless hostile takeovers the likes of which make big budget hollywood films look like a youtube meme. But recently it passed a mark that it can be proud of – Eve has passed the 500,000 subscriber mark. This pales in comparison to some other MMOs out there like WoW and Guild Wars 2, but it’s still impressive for such a massive game with such a steep learning curve.




Neverwinter is a new MMO from Cryptic Studios. It’s based on 4E D&D rules and has already started into its beta testing, with release probably in a few months. It’s going to be free to download and free to play. Monetization isn’t finalized yet it seems, but looks similar to other FTP games where you can purchase in game currency with real money that you can then use to buy cosmetics and unlocks. I can’t comment on how much it’s FTP vs so-called pay-to-win, but at least the devs so far are saying that in-game purchases will not be for combat upgrades. There will also be a system in the game called the Foundry that allows players to create their own stories and quests.

Anyone following this/interested in playing?


PS4 Announced

Playstation 4

Don’t wonder why I haven’t uploaded a picture of the console – I can’t for the life of me seem to find one on the internet and they didn’t show it yesterday evening during the announcement. Sony has finally announced the PS4. There was some rumored speculation that they wouldn’t name it PS4 due to the number 4 having some attachment to death in Japan, but they made the best and obvious choice and named it simply the PS4. In the logo it looks like a tent that’s blown over though…

PS4 Specs

The specs are pretty impressive for a console and for us PC gamers are a step in the right direction. The CPU is a 64-bit AMD 8-core processor. It’s the Jaguar CPU which is used in Netbooks for it’s lower power consumption but hopefully they’ve beefed it up and have gone with 8 traditional cores instead of any hyper-threading. It has 8 gigs of GDDR5 (some pretty fast stuff!) that will be shared between the system and the GPU which is going to be the equivalent to an AMD 7850. It’ll have USB 3.0 and will have the Bluetooth and Wifi built-in (no additional accessories needed).

PS4 Controller

The controller will have a touchpad in the middle as well as a built-in speaker and a headphone jack in the bottom. There will be some pretty sweet launch titles for the PS4 like Watch Dogs and even Blizzard has said that they’re developing Diablo III for it. In addition to all the hype about the PS4 yesterday, Sony announced the new PS Vita XL+ so if you’re a fan of the PSP and/or Vita, you may be interested in checking out more on the Vita XL+.

For more info and some more pictures, head over to the neogaf forums who did a pretty good writeup of it last night.