Steam Greenlight Goes Live

Steam Greenlight Live

Steam’s crowd-sourcing platform Greenlight has gone live. Steam already has loads of games for you to vote for. I don’t know that the thresholds for how many votes are necessary have been made public yet but last night I saw a few games that already had 1% of the necessary votes and plenty that still had 0%. I saw loads of games that I felt were worthy games and even more that were pure garbage or weak iOS ports. I’m sure I’ll be featuring games from Greenlight from time to time to either spread awareness of some good games that deserve to be voted for and of course some games that deserve the thumbs down.

Check it out and start voting!


MLG League of Legends Tournament Drama

LOL Drama

I’m beginning to think I need a “drama” category. This weekend was the Summer Championship League of Legends Event in Raleigh. Apparently there was colluding to split the winning pot between Curse NA and Team Dignitas. To preserve the spirit of competition, Major League Gaming has disqualified first and second place and will pay 5th and 6th place in addition to 3rd and 4th. There are obviously sides to each story and right now they’re:

MLG: “To be clear here folks, the Collusion had nothing to do with the ARAM. CRS/DIG conspired to split prize money.”

Riot: “they decided who would win prior to the match – it’s not about what they are doing with the money afterwards”

Team Dignitas: “Team Dignitas, our members and all of our partners have never, and will never, stand for conduct that disrespects our team values MERIT, PRESTIGE, WORTH, DIGNITY,” and they are currently investigating it further.

Curse NA: “Dignitas and Curse agreed to play an ARAM. Anything outside of this is false.”

Obviously MLG has their image to maintain – in that they want to be taken seriously as the head of e-sports. Riot has it’s image to protect as it’s important to them that teams who are using their game to make a living don’t decide before the game is played who is going to win. Curse and Team Dignitas have their images to protect as well which is more than likely the reason for denial – they might be out sponsorships and even entry into future competitions. For the press release from MLG, click here.