Two New GTA5 Screenshots

Two New GTA 5 Screenshots

Two new screenshots for the upcoming installation in the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been released. Feast your eyes on these fabulous graphics.




Steam Summer Sale 2012 Has Started

Steam Summer Sale 2012

After much speculation of when it would occur, the Steam Summer Sale has finally started. Head on over to and spend some of your hard earned money! Here are some tips that will save you money:

  • Always wait until the game you want is a “Daily Deal“. Daily Deals get huge price cuts and only last one day. The end date is well publicized and if the game you want never becomes a Daily Deal, it will be the same price on the last day of the Summer Sale as it was on the first day – and you wouldn’t have purchased it at a higher price than the Daily Deal.
  • Create a wishlist, if you haven’t already. Check it each day. Don’t have a computer? Use your smartphone. There’s an app for that!
  • Since there are so many bundles, you may want to grab some. Problem is, some may have games in them that you already own. If you do, you may not get an extra copy of the game. This may be a big turn-off for some of you. However, the games in the bundle will more likely than not go on sale individually anyways, so don’t worry too much. If it is around 1-3 games you already own out of 10 games, go for it. Much more than that and I would pass.
  • There’s a Community’s Choice this year. It’s a poll on the right side of the store that allows you to cast your vote for the next potential deal. This poll refreshes every 8 hours. I understand if you don’t want to come back every 8 hours, but it’s worth voting if you’re at the store because unlike the Presidential Election every 4 years, your vote can actually count and make a difference!
  • There are also “Flash Sales” which are randomly selected titles (could be tied in to the Community Choice vote, not sure about that this soon)  that seem to last between 8 and 12 hours. If you’ve been holding out for a game to make the Daily Deals but hasn’t yet and see it in the Flash Deals – go ahead and grab it.
  • Last but not least there are Badges. You can see your badge progress in a little section on the right hand side of your Steam community profile page. Clicking on that will show a series of tasks that you can complete to level up your Steam Summer Sale badge and earn a “Pillar of the Community” badge. There are bound to be rewards tied to these somehow, but I’m not sure how that works just yet.

Steam Greenlight: Crowdsourcing the Next Big Game

Steam Greenlight

Steam is going to be rolling out something called Greenlight. Basically it’s a new system that enlists the help of gamers that use Steam to decide which games will be put up next on the Steam store for purchase. Developers will be able to post information, screenshots, and videos for their game and Steam users will vote which will be selected. (formerly Good Old Games) has a system in place called the Wishlist where you can vote on things you’d love to see on GOG. Currently Valve employees have to drudge through countless submissions to discern which games are worth allowing onto Steam and which aren’t. Some critically acclaimed games have even had trouble making it to Steam.

Greenlight is slated to launch at the end of August so get your mouse pointers ready and practice clicking some vote buttons!

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