Diablo III Open Beta

Diablo III Open Beta

So if you’re not excited enough about the possibility of playing the Guild Wars 2 Beta next weekend, get ready to reserve this weekend as well. Anyone with a valid Battle.net ID is eligible to play the Diablo III Open Beta this weekend. It starts at noon Pacific time so that gives you approximately 4 hours to stock up on energy drinks, pizza and bugles chips.

All you need to do is:

You won’t have access to the Blizzard beta forums but we’ll be setting up a new Diablo III section in our forums today for discussion about the beta and upcoming D3 news. If you have any issues, post them in our forums or check the known issues list.

Here are some more tips:

Some tips for the beta:

  • Turn on Elective Mode in the Gameplay options. This lets you personalize your equipped skills more
  • Turn on Advanced tooltips for your skills under Gameplay options.
  • Rings only drop from the skeletons before you fight the beta-boss. There’s a vendor in the second area of New Tristram that has a tab for rings.
  • There are no amulets in the beta
  • Crafting is good but make sure you pay attention to the level requirements of the item. You are able to craft gear in the beta that you can never equip due to the level cap.

We’re about a month away from the actual release so if you don’t feel like downloading and installing the beta and would rather save your time for the full game release, check out MrCarrier’s Twitch.tv channel as he’s likely to be streaming it.


Guild Wars 2 Beta

Guild Wars Beta

If you prepurchased Guild Wars 2 – get ready to load up the beta and give it a try next weekend (April 27-29). Customers who have pre-purchased the game will receive an e-mail next week with instructions on how to download the client and participate in the Beta. This is a public event, which means that you’re not bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so be sure to watch MrCarrier stream the game on his Twitch.TV channel.

You’ll create your own personalized Charr, Human, or Norn character and pick from our eight powerful professions. Your choice of race is vital to your personal story, and it determines in which of the huge starting areas you begin as well. A noble human mesmer will have a radically different game experience than a charr engineer in the service of the Iron Legion. Fortunately, you can roll more than one character and sample each starting area for yourself!

Worlds Collide – If you want your PvP on an epic scale, look no further than World vs. World, where three teams comprising hundreds of players wage open war across four vast maps. You’ll lay siege to castles, raid supply camps, build devastating weaponry, ambush your foes, and leap into truly massive PvP battles—all for the glory of the server. We’re warning you: WvW is so addictive that you may spend the entire Beta Weekend Event there!

PvP For You and Me – After you’ve gotten your feet wet, put your newfound skills to the test in Guild Wars 2 PvP, where small teams battle for points on a variety of challenging, compact maps. We adjust the level of PvP combatants so that all players are on equal footing. If you’ve got a competitive streak or you like playing first-person shooters online, you owe it to yourself to try out Guild Wars 2 PvP!

I Love L.A. – They’ll be opening the metropolis of Lion’s Arch to beta players as well. Wander the streets of this cosmopolitan trade hub, chat with traders and travelers from every corner of Tyria, hop through one of the many asura gates to points beyond, or discover the famed diving platform at Diverse Ledges. Lion’s Arch is a city like no other!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry it won’t be the only beta weekend before the game’s release. If you didn’t pre order the game and want to check it out and see what it’s all about, watch MrCarrier stream it on his Twitch.TV channel April 27-29.


Legend of Grimrock

Over in the forums, Pylonhead wrote an awesome preview for a game called Legend of Grimrock.

Back in 1988 I was a freshman at a small liberal arts college called Pomona.  Roughly 98% of all pomona students live on campus and I was no different, getting placed with a small group of incoming students on the third floor of Smiley Hall, which has the distinction of being the oldest college dormitory west of the Mississippi.  Or so we were told.  If you had had to use the plumbing you would believe it.  But that’s a different story.

One of the kids down the hall had an Atari ST.  It was an amazing machine for the time, specifically an amazing machine for games.  It had built in graphics and sound hardware years before this became standard on IBM machines.  He had a lot of great games and I overstayed my welcome in his room numerous nights playing Oids and Roller Ball, and lots of other games.

But the one that really made my eyes light up was a dungeon crawling RPG called “Dungeon Master”.  It was a grid based dungeon maze, not unlike earlier games like Wizardry and Bard’s Tale, but the graphics and sound were really cutting edge, and rather than be turn based it was played in real time, giving it a bit of an action game feel.  The dungeon was chalk full of clever puzzles, horrible monsters, and fiendish traps.

There were several nights where I kept playing in this guys room long after he and his roommate had gone to sleep.   Not sure how he put up with me.

Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved this game, because Finnish game developer Almost Human has gone and created a game with nearly identical mechanics to the one I loved more than 20 years ago.  The graphics are completely updated, and the story and dungeon are completely new, but the game is just the way I remember it.

And the puzzles, traps, and monsters are all there.  For around $15.

Here’s the website: grimrock.net

Force Strategy playing for an hour:

If you like these sort of games, pick this one up.  I’m having an amazing time.