Next Xbox Rumors

With a lot already known about the new PS4, people have been speculating as to what Microsoft has up their sleeve. Microsoft Analyst Paul Thurrot has shed some light on those speculations. The console will be revealed on May 21st at an upcoming Microsoft event. The console is expected to launch in November (just in time for parents to snatch one up for a Christmas present) and there will be two pricing options available. The first is a flat out purchase no strings attached $500 console. It’s suggested that there will also be a $300 subscription supported price most likely to Xbox Live. Another rumor flying around is that there will be a new Xbox 360 console out later this year that you’ll be able to grab for a measly $99. I’ve been wanting to switch from Gran Turismo to Forza but all I have is a PS3 and don’t have any real desire to buy all new hardware to try out a game. For $99 I might be persuaded to make the jump.

Any other console gamers itching to get the details on Microsoft’s next Xbox?