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Maintenance Mode Going Forward

For the foreseeable future JOB will rest in sort of a thinned down maintenance mode. I’m keeping everything I can up for as long as I can for posterity and nostalgia sake. This site and the people that have shared it have become my family over the years and I’m going to keep it around as a sort of time capsule. You may come across some broken images here or there, especially on the forums, and you may not be able to comment, register, or download minecraft server saves etc. but the majority of the content of the site will likely stick around until the heat death of the universe. I’ll have the site archived locally so if you need anything from it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

May the force be with you



Star Citizen Drama

So The Escapist has published a pretty racy article criticizing Cloud Imperium Games, the creators of Star Citizen. The article sourced 9 different current and former employees of CIG. It contained multiple allegations including racial discrimination, misappropriated funds (Star Citizen is completely crowdfunded to the tune of $90 million), a “toxic workplace,” and claims that the developer has bled through nearly 90% of its resources, with feature creep killing the game.

This wouldn’t be newsworthy if it wasn’t for CIG’s response, which was a formal letter outlining how the Escapist article was slander. The letter from CIG states that they intend to “turn this matter over to our litigators to prepare legal action in the US and the UK against the individuals and entities involved […]” if The Escapist doesn’t meet their demands by end of business hours on October 5. The Escapist’s managing editor John Keefer published a follow-up article explaining in detail how each source was vetted, emphasizing that they were all passed through their legal department for verification.

Grab your popcorn…


Fallout 4 Trailer Revealed

The Fallout 4 trailer has been released ahead of E3. It shows quite a bit of in-game footage including a dog character that, judging from the trailer, will be a companion in the game. Loads of colors and possibly set in Boston, check it out for yourself.