Draw Something

I’ve recently decided to start doing an iOS game spotlight on an irregular basis when I find a fun game that I find myself playing a lot on my iPhone. I’d like to do an Android game spotlight as well so I’ll have to be recruiting from the forums to help me with that as I don’t own anything running Android at the moment.

This spotlight will bring to light a game called Drawsomething. It’s basically a mobile version of OMGPOP’s DrawMyThing. If you’re a frequenter of the “top” category in the app store, this game will sound pretty familiar as it’s been at or near the top of both the free and paid-for categories for a while now. The idea consists basically of pairing up with a friend (or random stranger) and being given a list of words from which to choose and draw. You do your best using your fat grubby little meatsticks to make shapes and lines resembling what you’re supposed to draw and see if they can guess it. If they guess it correctly, you both get some coins that can later be used to purchase things like extra colors (which actually help because nobody recognizes a tree when it’s black and red instead of green and brown).

Draw Something

The game is entertaining in two aspects: it’s fun to try and come up with a way to draw your word or phrase, sort of like (ok, identical to) Pictionary. It’s also good fun to try and guess what the other person has poorly drawn, sort of like (ok, identical to) Pictionary. So the game is like Pictionary, right? Well yes and no… there’s no time limit like Pictionary where you have the little hourglass timer that never seems to last long enough past drawing a simple house with windows and a door. There’s also not just a pencil, you’ve got various sizes of “brushes” to use and colors to choose from. The first colors are pretty basic, lacking some colors like grey and brown and green – but all of which can be purchased with the coins you get from guessing correctly.

It does lack some of the energy you get with a board game where you have people shouting and getting overly involved in trying to guess and instead has you chuckling to yourself by a friend’s poor rendition of “twist” or “skirt”. The best part though is that all of the above features are part of the free app. The paid-for version includes a couple hundred coins to start with so you can get some extra colors right off the bat.

It also gets a little monotonous after a few days/weeks and you’ll see some words being repeated over and over, but instead of choosing “doorknob” for the third time, you can choose other words that you either haven’t seen or haven’t attempted to sketch out yet. You can choose to find people to play with via Facebook or randomly and also aren’t pressured into creating an account with some random game company. For a free game that’s pretty entertaining – it’s definitely worth checking out!