Skyrim Hoarding

We have found that hoarding has become a serious issue in Skyrim… with players spending over 80% of their time in-game just unloading items to stay unencumbered, they end up tossing things into their homes harem-scarem thinking “I might use this one day…”

I had a conversation with Naldak about his compulsive obsessive hoarding the other day pointing out that he didn’t really need 14 rotten goat legs laying around in his house & that it was completely unsanitary. His response was “But but…. it heals me for 2 health.. I could use that some day!!” It’s estimated that he has around 25,000lbs of metal weapons, pots, and other items in his home.

It’s gotten a bit out of hand and in most cases can cause potential health hazards to the entire town. Strongale was recently evicted from town not for attacking townsfolk or for stealing, but for amassing a collection of human skulls which was later determined to be in fact, highly illegal.

With as much rusted metal and weapons lying around in most players Skyrim houses, we’re surprised that we haven’t encountered more cases of fatal tetanus. In the Skyrim time period there’s no tetanus shots to speak of and we’ve only seen it claim the lives of small family pets so far.

Skyrim Hoarding