Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server

We’re currently hosting a Feed The Beast Infinity server. For more information on the server and on the folks playing on it – head to the forums.

FTB ToDo List

Animal FarmGet several different types of animals for an animal farm. Keep them in separate pensDone
Animal BreedingHook up the MFR breeders to each pen and have it auto-breed the animalsDone
Animal SlaughteringHook up the MFR slaughter blocks and have it harvest drops from the animalsDone (has to be done manually, else kills all adults)
Animal Slaughtering +Redo the Pens and use a Chronotyper to automatically pull out the adults into a slaughtering pen.Done
Cow MilkingHook up the MFR system to milk the cows into drumsDone
Animal Farm SewageHook up sewage blocks under every farm penDone
Steve's Carts Wheat FarmLay out track and use Steve's Carts to create a Wheat FarmDone
Steve's Carts Pam's HarvestLay out track and use Steve's Carts to plant and harvest Pam's Harvestcraft veggies and foodNot possible, will use Forestry Farm
Steve's Carts Tree FarmLay out track and use Steve's Carts to plant and harvest trees. Use the trees to make coal to fuel cart
Industrial ApiaryHook up some industrial apiaries and modify them to breed cold weather bees and others
Quarry TurtleWrite or download a turtle program and quarry out some areas 500+ blocks out from the base
Automated OreAutomate the ore processing from IC2 (crush then smelt)Done. Will make better
Magnum Torch BaseMake some magnum torches and place them around the base to keep baddies outDone. Made 1 Magnum Torch.
Enter Twilight ForestPretty self explanatoryDone
Defeat a Twilight Forest BossKill any boss in the Twilight Forest
Make Mob GrinderGrab or create an aggressive mob spawner and use it to create a mob grinderDone
Enderman GrinderMFR auto spawner, MFR grinder, and an MFR reusable safari net. Will need Essence from Cow Sewer.Done
Pam's HarvestcraftMake at least 45 different Harvestcraft foods. Store them in a special chest for counting
Nuclear ReactorWe'll need loads of Yellorite and Uranium - but power the base with a Nuclear ReactorDone. 7x7x2 size.


Useful FTB Links

Tinkers Material Stats (useful for mod metals): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lAQeIayx7UOBRskelBjXnxslD4qPwSo3sHIN-adeOBM/edit#gid=0

Download previous Server Maps: