WoW Servers

JOB WoW Servers

We’re scattered across a few different servers in WoW. Below are the servers and factions we’re a part of


Doomhammer – US – Alliance

We’re in two main guilds on Doomhammer. The Elders is our more laid-back alts and bank toons etc. while the Geriatrics is our raiding, heroic dungeons, etc level 25 guild. Message anyone in game in the guilds and let us know you’d be interested in joining us for some casual-raiding or laid-back fun.


JOB Destromath

Destromath – US – Horde

A couple of JOB guys are in a guild on Destromath called the Crypt Friends. We raid regularly and always at the top tier of raid progress. Do not even bother requesting to join if you’re not willing and able to raid on a regular schedule and have an already decently geared toon. We usually have several arena teams in the guild and are always looking for skilled PVP’ers as well.