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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Rockstar released the trailer today for the upcoming GTAV game. Here it is, enjoy!

Some things we can take away from the trailer:

  • Will be set at least in Los Santos, possibly all of San Andreas (edit: It is San Andreas, you see it on the license plates. And the bug exterminator’s van says “Los Santos” on is, meaning that there’s a very good chance we will get all 3 cities)
  • Dogs/animals are in game
  • A MASSIVE looking mountain
  • Biplanes/jets
  • Jet skis? (name of the Jetski? Speeophile 2000)
  • At least one area of town will be “Little Seoul” (:32)
  • At different points in the trailer there are what looks like different people driving cars. At first I thought it was a sign that the ability to control your whole appearance is back, but when I look closer it almost seems like you would be controlling a different character
  • The main character may wind up being Tommy Vercetti 25 years after the events of Vice City (VO sounds a hell of a lot like Ray Liotta, guy at :40 looks like Tommy)
  • Real Estate possibly? Real Estate agent putting up a sign in a yard

GTA V Trailer Due 11/02/11

In a completely un-cryptic way, Rockstar has let on that there will be a trailer out for the upcoming GTA V released on 11/02. It’s pretty plain and simple on “Trailer 11.02.11”. Keep an eye out here for the video when it’s released.