Cube World Scams

Just a friendly reminder: All links claiming to have Cube World’s beta for download are scams. The game hasn’t been released in any way shape or form into the wild yet. Wollay even claims on his blog that anything claiming to be a beta is a scam.

I decided to try some digging to see how many are out there claiming to have the beta for download. There are several Youtube videos that claim to have the beta in the description but all the links are to downloads requiring a purchase or survey first (obvious scam is obvious). They don’t show ratings and comments are approval only so there’s definitely not going to be any negative comments about it being a scam allowed. There are a few random blogspots out there that do the same. I tried reporting them all and flagging them as malicious, but they’re just going to crop up again somewhere else.

Just a reminder: If you really want a beta, follow Wollay on Twitter or his Blogspot and keep an eye here because we’ll be letting you know when a Beta really does get released.


UPDATE: The alpha version is out and you can buy it from Wollay’s site. Check out our new post on this for more details.