Battlefield 3 Update

We’ve got the whole list of changes in our Forums because Battlelog is down and people may not be able to get to the patch notes right now.

It does add some functionality like the ability to share your Profile and Stats pages to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Also PC users will love the auto-Origin-login feature. If you’re not logged in to Origin and join a game server, Battlelog will automatically sign you in to Origin in the background and join the game server.

Unfortunately people will still be left out of some fun in the big 64 player maps. “Please note that the Squad Privacy option still allows 2 man Squads which, during 64 player sessions, can lead to players with no squad position –- the number of people with no Squads will be shown at the bottom of the Squad selection list.” In my opinion, 64 player should have at least 12 squads or possibly be 6 player squads instead of 4. I don’t care if 32 player stays at 4 per squad, but the squads need reworking on 64 sessions and this didn’t fix it.