Keyword Not Provided (Not Provided)

The above image is a screencap from the backend of this site. I use this information to see what kind of posts people want to see. I check to see what google search results land people here on the site and try to offer more posts like those. Google recently decided that they were going to encrypt the searches of all logged-in users.

Google predicted that this was going to block about 10% or less of all search results from visibility. “Google software engineer Matt Cutts, who’s been involved with the privacy changes, wouldn’t give an exact figure but told me he estimated even at full roll-out, this would still be in the single-digit percentages of all Google searchers on”

As you can see – my first day getting these yielded nearly 17% of all inbound search results being blocked. Now I understand the privacy issue I guess, but I’ve never been able to connect a specific IP address with a specific search result, but then again I’ve never tried to. Other people are reporting 13% and higher incoming search results blocked.

What does this mean for you on JOB? I don’t think it’s going to terribly change things, but it’s going to make it more difficult for me to see what people are interested in. Instead of being told exactly what’s bringing people to the site, I’m going to have to guess at the topics they’re interested in by looking at the most popular/viewed posts/topics each week and try to put more focus in those areas.

In other words… Not cool, Google… not cool.