Diablo III Decline

Taking a look at the Xfire statistics of games being played – it’s easy to see Diablo III’s steady decline in active players. While Xfire isn’t indicative of Diablo III’s gamer base, it does show a slice of very active PC gamers and the graph doesn’t look good.

Here are some opinions from this Reddit thread

“I think the reason is this developement:

  1. You bought Diablo3, you played it solo or with friends for a few weeks or so.
  2. Depending on your or your group skills you beat it a few times and you reached hell or inferno.
  3. Now your gear is too bad to continue
  4. You checked the auction house or tried to farm some gear. You may have spend your gold on a few awesome items but you still need much more gear to beat inferno (or even hell depending on your personal skill).
  5. You now can buy a complete set of gear for much real money – more money than the D3 price. Many (including me) will never do that. Or you can try to farm the gear. Turning the game into a total mindless grind especially since 99% of the drops (that’s no exaggeration) are crap. That’s too boring for most people (including me).
  6. You quit playing D3

This is the story 2/3 of my friends and myself had with D3. It was fun until we ran into the you-need-extremly-rare-gear wall.”


“The loot is overblown, silly and antiquated. Non-magic loot is basically clutter an hour into the game and onwards, and it seems that every 20 minutes you are returning back to sell because your inventory is full. A completely outmoded concept.

The “hell” that they have conjured up in this game has absolutely zero terror. There is no psychological or creepy enemies, no pentagrams, no upside-down crucifixes, nothing but hordes and hordes of “monsters” and “beasts”. Really, really disappointing from a 2012 mature rated game.

It’s a tame, repetitive farming game.”

What do you think? Do you still play and enjoy it?