EA Sues Zynga

Boom! Saturday update out of nowhere. In gaming news however there’s a bit going on – EA has filed against Zynga alleging copyright infringement. I don’t believe there’s a popular game out there that Zynga hasn’t copied and put on Facebook or the iOS app store. EA knows that and didn’t really care much about Zynga’s business practices until they released “The Ville” which is a clear ripoff of Maxis’ The Sims Social. Since Maxis is an EA studio, Zynga’s stepping on some mighty heavy toes. Here’s the whole complaint. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, at least look at the pictures. They make it pretty obvious that it’s a blatant ripoff even stealing artwork directly from The Sims Social. If there’s one company you don’t want to aggro – it’s EA.