Steam Community Updates

Over the next few days Steam will be rolling out some updates to the Steam Community. For the first day, they’re announcing new Game Hubs. “Game Hubs are collections of game-centric discussions, workshop items, screenshots, videos, and news. It’s both community created and official content, as rated by you, Steam users,” it reads. From here you’ll be able to see Youtube videos uploaded by people who have linked their Steam and Youtube accounts, screenshots people have taken while in-game, a discussions tab (to save the time of digging through the Steam Forums), and you’ll be able to vote things up or down and the more popular content will stay at the top.

Steam Game Hub

Here’s the official page for the updates. Keep watching that page over the next 4 days to see what other cool things they’re going to be bringing to their store’s community and when they’ll be announcing a closed beta of the updates.