Terraria Update

Since Redigit stopped working on Terraria and 505 Games started work on porting it over to the Xbox & PS3, everyone pretty much considered it a finished game. Some people were bitter about the end to updates, but you can’t blame Redigit for wanting to spend some time with his family and be finished with the game – not every game gets the perpetual updates for years on end like Minecraft has. Others were bitter that the Xbox and PS3 ports were going to have some items that the PC version did not, things like pets. Most of the complaints though I take with a grain of salt – I paid somewhere around $4 for the game and have well over 200 hours invested in it. I’ve also gifted the game numerous times when it went on sale.

Redigit has come out and announced a new PC update recently which has the PC community pretty excited. Included in that are at least 235 new items and some new biomes. He’s shown us a load of new screenshots (1, 2, 3, 4) and has said that this won’t be the final update to the game. He’s also stated that he’d like to make a sequel to the game once he’s finished updating it.

He’s going to have a direct competitor to his game this time around though with Starbound nearing release (still unannounced), but with most people already owning the game (seriously it goes on sale for like $2) I think it’ll be more about people who already own it excited to fire it up again. I believe his sequel will also do better if he’s got an active Terraria community that he can tease with it.