Twitch Plays Pokemon

About two weeks ago a channel popped up on Twitch called Twitch Plays Pokemon that streamed gameplay of Pokemon Red/Blue. It was different because instead of just having a chat channel for discussing a livestream – the viewers actually controlled the gameplay. They chose what buttons were pressed and what decisions were made. It was pretty popular at first and then seemingly overnight became this massive internet deal and had at one point 100,000 concurrent viewers. That means that 100,000 people were simultaneously trying to control a video game which made it very hectic. And with nearly 200,000 followers there have since been forums, subreddits, memes, and every other internet-thing you can think of made for this twitch channel.

It took a little over 16 days but the game was finally completed. It looks like in about 21 hours there’s going to be another round so if you’re interested in playing or just want to see how it works, head over to