Redigit – the primary developer of Terraria is the new benchmark for support of a game after it’s release. Terraria, a 2d adventure game that released in 2011 is still seeing major content updates over 4 years after it’s release. While he’s said that he’s currently working on a Terraria 2, it’s obvious he hasn’t neglected the customers that put him where he is today. June 30th will see the release of Terraria 1.3 and it’s nothing short of amazing. This game – which is usually on sale for something like $2.99 on Steam is likely going to shoot back to the top of the most-played games on Steam after the update hits.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t already have Terraria so I know he’s not updating the game to pull in new sales – sure he may get a few, but it’s got to be just a passion of his to work on the game at this point. Check it out and see for yourself. Over 800 new items, new Expert mode, new bosses, new features (Screenshot mode!), and loads more.