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TF2 Commentary Videos

Sensi, longtime member of the Elders and forum member here has been making a fairly extensive amount of TF2 commentary videos on Youtube and after watching a few I decided that more people should see them and/or be aware of them as there’s a lot of good play-advice and some pretty funny moments. His Medic commentary video uploaded a few days ago is below. Be sure to check out his channel if you’re looking for some pointers or to see how some other people are playing and if anything they do can work for you!


Vanguard Joins F2P Crowd

Vanguard F2P

Vanguard: Saga of Heros has gone Free-to-Play… well kind of. Just like SWTOR’s decision, there are some features that are disabled or gimped for free accounts. Some glaring differences though is Vanguard’s decision to limit what gear/items you can have as well. “Uncommon and higher will have limited availability for Free members.” Another thing, I’m unaware of the in-game help given by game masters (if they have them), but free accounts won’t be able to receive in-game help either except for real money transaction issues.

Will it work? I don’t know anyone who still plays this, but apparently some people do.


SWTOR To Go Free To Play

SWTOR Free to Play

SWTOR will be going free-to-play this coming fall. Players who opt to go the F2P route will have access to each class’s full storyline all the way up to Level 50, options such as race, warzones (PVP arenas), flashpoints (group dungeons), and space missions will be restricted – although not unavailable (not quite clear yet as to what this means). There still remains the $15 a month subscription that now comes with added benefits (actually not much added, basically remaining the same as they are now).  Check this chart out for a comparison. They will also be adding something called the Cartel Market that will allow people to buy vanity and convenience items with Cartel Coins – which will be purchasable with real life cash. The heads at Bioware are hoping that dropping the $15 a month it takes to play SWTOR might entice and hook new players to journey through the galaxy. Thanks to Morgan in the forums for the tip, more info about what exactly “limited access” means will be coming out soon, until then check the Press Release.