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Dinnerbone Adds Frames to Minecraft

Minecraft Frames

Dinnerbone has tweeted some sweet looking additions to Minecraft. Apparently he’s added a much requested feature to Minecraft: Frames to house and showcase items (a mod implementing shelves had been popular at one point). Here’s a screenshot showing frames over chests suggesting their contents, a screenshot showing maps, clocks, compasses, etc are displayable, and a more recently updated screenshot showing blocks and showing that he has added backgrounds to them to make them more easily visible. He’s since tweeted that all in-game items can be placed in them.

We’ll likely see this in some upcoming snapshots and in version 1.4


Bukkit for 1.3.1

Bukkit 1.3.1

The latest Craftbukkit recommended build is out for 1.3.1, so if you’re running a Minecraft server and have been anxiously awaiting Bukkit to release, you can now update your server. Several plugins will more than likely need to be updated but most of the main plugins are already updated and ready to go. We’ll be updating our server tonight with Craftbukkit and will try to work on getting the server public (not whitelisted). Grab the latest version here and check out for the latest plugins.


Minecraft 1.3 Out

Minecraft 1.3

Jeb tweeted earlier that 1.3.1 has gone live and is out. Loads of new features like single-player being a self-hosted server and allowing LAN friends join SP games, Adventure Mode which doesn’t allow building or setting things on fire, Villager trading, made enchanting easier, automatic downloading of texture packs from servers (standard size only), added a multiplayer hardcore mode wherein players are banned upon death, fixed the creative mode pick-block key, and lots and lots more. For a full changelist, read this Reddit Post. Your client should update on it’s own.

Server news: We’ll be updating the server today but we will be wiping the map clean when Bukkit comes out for 1.3 so don’t make yourself too permanent of a house… I’ll also be opening up the whitelist to allow anyone that wishes to join to do so.