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Patch 4.3 Now Live

Hour of Twilight Patch

Last realm maintenance brought the Hour of Twilight 4.3 content patch. With the newest content patch we see loads of new things to play with, such as Void Storage, Transmogrification, the Legendary Rogue daggers quest line and of course the new Deathwing raid. Heroic mode will not be available on this raid until next week and the Looking for Raid will be released then as well – to give people time to have played through parts of the raid before they start banging their heads against the wall with a pick-up group. Check out all the patch notes on the official WoW Blog


Mobile Armory Updates

Mobile Armory

The WoW Mobile Armory apps received an update today. The changes are about the same for iOS and Android, and Android gets added support for devices with smaller screen sizes (240×320).

  • Real-time realm status is now available from the main menu.
  • In the Browse Items interface, you can now view all items from a particular raid boss and sort items by class.
  • Support for Brazilian Portuguese
  • Various bug fixes

Wild Turkey Glitch

WoW Wild Turkey

It’s worth noting (hopefully it won’t be patched) that while cooking Slow Roasted Turkeys during the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday in WoW, even after the recipe goes gray at 355, you can continue to skill up from points on cooking the turkeys up until 430. Most of the way from 355 to 430 you’ll even get two points per turkey cooked.

So if you’re using the holiday as an excuse to level up your cooking, don’t stop at 355!! WoWhead also has a great guide on all the achievements and things to do during Pilgrims Bounty. Check it out.