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SWTOR To Go Free To Play

SWTOR Free to Play

SWTOR will be going free-to-play this coming fall. Players who opt to go the F2P route will have access to each class’s full storyline all the way up to Level 50, options such as race, warzones (PVP arenas), flashpoints (group dungeons), and space missions will be restricted – although not unavailable (not quite clear yet as to what this means). There still remains the $15 a month subscription that now comes with added benefits (actually not much added, basically remaining the same as they are now).  Check this chart out for a comparison. They will also be adding something called the Cartel Market that will allow people to buy vanity and convenience items with Cartel Coins – which will be purchasable with real life cash. The heads at Bioware are hoping that dropping the $15 a month it takes to play SWTOR might entice and hook new players to journey through the galaxy. Thanks to Morgan in the forums for the tip, more info about what exactly “limited access” means will be coming out soon, until then check the Press Release.


Mists of Pandaria Release Date

Mists of Pandaria Release Date

The next World of Warcraft expansion: Mists of Pandaria has a release date, September 25, 2012. You can also go ahead and grab yourself a copy on the store. The prices are $39 for the standard edition and $59 for the deluxe digital edition. With the Deluxe edition comes with a pet and mount, banner sigil and accent for Diablo® III, and® portraits for StarCraft® II.

With the Pandaren expansion you can level your existing character to 90 or start fresh with a new Pandaren Monk. If you’re a full-fledged Panda fan, you can snag up a Collector’s Edition from any number of retail outlets for a whopping $79. With this you’ll get everything from the Deluxe version as well as art book, behind the scenes DVD, soundtrack CD, and mousepad.

Head over to and grab your copy.


Star Wars the Old Republic to go F2P?


Probably not the most shocking news to hit the MMO scene, but surprisingly soon for even the naysayers, SWTOR Lead Designer Emmanuel Lusinchi said BioWare will be flexible to adapt to the rapidly changing MMO market — even if that means going F2P. In an interview with GamesTM (the article has recently been removed) Lusinchi said:

“The MMO market is very dynamic and we need to be dynamic as well,” he says. “Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations. So we are looking at free-to-play but I can’t tell you in much detail. We have to be flexible and adapt to what is going on.”

Would you consider SWTOR a flop if it were to go free-to-play before it’s first anniversary? If it does, I certainly hope it sticks to free-to-play, not pay-to-win.