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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl

Inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy world, Blood Bowl is an ultra-violent combination of strategy and sports games. I’ve been playing this game a bit and it’s definitely a thinking man’s game. It’s got 23 races to choose from and is based loosely on American Football (should be obvious). It’s played between two teams fielding 11 at a time and the objective is to score more touchdowns than the other team – or by literally eliminating the other team’s players. You can play in real-time or more of a turn-based strategy mode.

Blood Bowl is no doubt hard at first and requires some hours of practice, a lot of reading and understanding of rules and dice rolls to get good at it. It’s a bit slow paced but like many other strategy games its fun and rewarding in many ways. The possibilities of online league play are similar to a Madden game. In addition to just playing it and enjoying the game itself, coaching and growing your own team can be rewarding as well. Check it out here on Steam.


Unclaimed World

Unclaimed World is an upcoming extra-terrestrial colonization and survival game by a two-person studio called Refactored. “Pedersen: Lars, our programmer, after trying Dwarf Fortress once, started Unclaimed World as a spare time project just for fun.” says Morten Pedersen the other half of Refactored. Dwarf Fortress is a pretty complex and deep game – anything inspired by it is probably going to have it’s own share of depth.

The survival aspect for instance; you don’t want to just kill every animal you meet. Instead, you could follow it for a while and see if it leads to to more food sources. You can relocate your camp from the starting “crash site” if food is scare or the enemies are too harsh. You can set traps, build fences, craft weapons like spears and machetes. If you do decide to attack and kill animals for food – don’t do it too close to the campsite or it might attract other creatures of prey. Rock Paper Shotgun recently did an interview with the team to find out a little bit more about the game and it’s definitely worth your read if it sounds interesting so far. I haven’t the slightest clue about a release date but I’m looking forward to it.


This Week in Gaming

This Week In Gaming

If you haven’t been paying attention to any gaming news this week, here are some things that happened that may not have been covered already on the frontpage.


A lot is going on over at G4. It appears that the company is rebranding itself as a metrosexual travel channel of sorts and getting away from gaming. They’ve already dissolved the G4 network and it will be known as the Esquire Channel. The shit didn’t come full storm until Adam Sessler went public on Twitter asking for a reason behind his recent firing.

Aliens: Colonial Marines scored a 3/10 over on Eurogamer because of it’s utterly boring gameplay and terrible framerates and engine. Multiplayer modes are also boring save for one mode called Escape and Survivor which is sort of Left-4-dead-ish. It’s rare to see even boring games score so low… if it’s a sign of anything, it should be a sign that you shouldn’t buy it. Don’t tell that to the folks at EGM though who gave it a 9 out of 10. Take that with a grain of salt and try not to click on the huge advertisement for it in the background *coughpaidfor*

Game Release News

Minecraft is now available for your Raspberry Pi. It’s basically a watered down version of the mobile version. What do you expect for a $35 computer though? Did we mention that the game is free? Personally this looks like a whole lot of fun and should be able to put Minecraft into a lot of hands across the globe that didn’t have access to anything other than small inexpensive computers like the Pi. Check it out at

If you were a fan of the keychain Tamagotchi games when you were a kid (looking at you 90’s kids), then you’ll be excited to know that Bandai is releasing an Android and iOS game based on the Tamagotchi. It will even feature a “retro mode” that offers gameplay very similar to the original. The release date is “soon”.

Wildman, an action RPG by Gas Powered Games was a highly anticipated game on Kickstarter that had reached about half of it’s lofty million dollar goal. GPG has since canned the kickstarter and it seems from the obscure wording that they’ve found funding elsewhere. Here’s to hoping they have!

Tiy, the lead developer of Starbound, has announced that you will be able to stream directly to from within Starbound. That’s great news for people who stream a lot and a great way to get word out about Starbound once it’s released. There are loads of people who make decisions of whether or not to buy a game based on livestreams or lets-play videos and for every single person with Starbound to have the ability to stream it, can only go well for Tiy and the team.

In similar news, Chucklefish the publisher of Starbound, is also publishing a game called Stardew Valley which will be a must-have for any fans of the Harvest Moon game for the Super Nintendo.