Minecraft 1.8 Change List

This is a constantly updating changelist of Minecraft’s Adventure Update patch 1.8.

Read the changes that made it from this list to the official 1.8 update. Click here to see the list!

UPDATE: Notch said in this PAX 2011 video that they’re going to finish up what they have and release it “in a couple of weeks” as 1.8 and do the rest of the Adventure Update as 1.9. The Adventure Update as it’s been referred to will be split between two patches.

I’m going to try to organize all the info we know about what’s coming in the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update. I’ll be linking to sources which are mainly Jeb and Notch’s twitter accounts and a few other sources like reddit etc. Leaving off second and third sources when I already list one. I’m also leaving off smaller things like “Rain renders faster” and “New mossy cobblestone texture and minecart sounds”.

Check out the new Terrain.png and Items.png for 1.8

Terrain/World Changes

NPC Villages

Huge Mushrooms


Mob Changes


Other Mobs

  • Creepers have a new explosion animation (PAX 2011 video)
  • There will be a new mob called “Blue Spiders” that poison you when they bite. When bitten your health turns yellow and decreases for a few seconds. (PAX 2011 video)
  • Silverfish are rumored to be added in 1.8, but this is not concrete and has not been confirmed
  • Pigs will have snouts now

Bug Fixes

  • Redstone will not break after /time set X.
  • User placed leaf blocks won’t decay
  • Clouds won’t travel through buildings (raised cloud level above max build level)


New Features