Hearthstone Officially Launched

Hearthstone, the new trading card game from Blizzard has come out of beta and has officially been launched. If you’ve never played a trading card game or feel like you won’t know what to do or how to play one, head to PlayHearthStone.com and grab this one. It’s really easy to get into but there’s an abyss of depth to the game if you want to hone your skills and min/max your decks and abilities.

You start off playing some major names and characters from the Warcraft and World of Warcraft realm like Hogger and Illidan Stormrage. After you’ve gone through the introductory quests/missions you’ll be able to challenge friends and random players alike.

If it’s from Blizzard you know at it’s worst it can only be mediocre. If you’ve played it before let us know how you liked it and if you have any tips for us beginners!


Twitch Plays Pokemon Finishes

Twitch Plays Pokemon

About two weeks ago a channel popped up on Twitch called Twitch Plays Pokemon that streamed gameplay of Pokemon Red/Blue. It was different because instead of just having a chat channel for discussing a livestream – the viewers actually controlled the gameplay. They chose what buttons were pressed and what decisions were made. It was pretty popular at first and then seemingly overnight became this massive internet deal and had at one point 100,000 concurrent viewers. That means that 100,000 people were simultaneously trying to control a video game which made it very hectic. And with nearly 200,000 followers there have since been forums, subreddits, memes, and every other internet-thing you can think of made for this twitch channel.

It took a little over 16 days but the game was finally completed. It looks like in about 21 hours there’s going to be another round so if you’re interested in playing or just want to see how it works, head over to Twitch.tv/TwitchPlaysPokemon.


Starbound Future Paths

Starbound Future Paths

The devs of Starbound have shed a little light on where the future of Starbound is heading. We’ve been in Beta for a while now and there have been a few changes made to the progression through various “sectors” and stages of the game. Well the end-game is going to change and in my opinion, it’s going to change for the better.

First of all we’re removing the different universe sectors. In the final game there will be only three sectors. The sector the majority of the game takes place in, a pvp sector and a creative sector without dangers.

What this means is that they will be removing the progression we have now and changing it to where instead of just not knowing “how” to travel to another sector, you’ll upgrade your tech to allow you to visit planets that were otherwise inaccessible due to hazards. “Progression will be less linear and more akin to the kind of progression you find in modern metroidvanias” as Tiy puts it.

We’re building the game with 3 main paths of progression that branch off later on. Farming, adventuring and building. We want players to be able to advance through the game whilst doing whatever they enjoy most.

At the beginning of the game (what would be the alpha sector in the current progression) you start on a ship with a broken fuel module, giving you access to only one planet. Through a series of quests you’re taught how to farm, find trophies in dungeons and build the beginnings of a settlement. Completing these quests will give you the pixels you need to use your ships 3d printer to produce a new fuel module. Which in turn allows progression to the other planets in your current solar system.

At this stage were introducing a new planet type called an outpost. A small and safe planet populated by members of every race. A safe haven for trade and quest taking. You’ll learn how to generate pixels through selling crops, taking quests, selling trophies found in dungeons and renting out houses in your settlement.

From here each of these roles will expand outwards as you progress (for example animal farming becomes an optional part of the farming progression).

Sounds sweet! Combined with how openly the Starbound devs have been embracing mods and the modding community, this game is going to turn out to be quite the little time-waster for years to come. Source: 23rd February | Starbound